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the Grid Forward

Smart Grid Northwest is expanding its mission and changing its name to match. Join us June 21 in Portland for our big rollout and a discussion on Accelerating Grid Innovation.

As Grid Forward, Smart Grid Northwest Pursues Broader Goals for the Regional Electric Grid

Our new name is Grid Forward, but we continue to serve as a nonprofit that works to unite all the stakeholders involved in building our new energy system. We’re going to focus on bolstering education and collaboration among organizations, solution providers, governments, regulators, advocates and more. By bringing them all together, we can collectively define and deploy smarter solutions going forward.

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Why Grid Forward?

  1. “Smart grid” helped launch the digital utility. Now we accelerate forward.
  2. We address broader societal goals that need the energy grid—together
  3. It’s not just about tech. We innovate across culture, markets and models
  4. We’re based in the Northwest. But our impact crosses boundaries.

Come Join The Party, June 21, World Trade Center, Portland
Event Info

Get Involved Today in Our Signature Event, GridFWD 2019

Grid Forward is hosting the premier educational and networking event focused on deploying advanced solutions to modernize our regional energy system. Check out the GridFWD 2019 website for a first look at our exciting speakers, themes and venue. Don’t miss this event October 7-9, in Seattle.

“Seattle is pleased to host the 2019 GridFWD conference. We look forward to the diverse audience coming together who are all working on opportunities for smarter management of regional energy systems. And we will be happy to share many of the lessons we are learning on our pathway to modernization.”

Debra Smith
General Manager & CEO, Seattle City Light

These organizations are
working together in Grid Forward

Be a Member of Grid Forward

Your organization can play a fundamental role in Grid Forward’s mission to promote and accelerate grid modernization in our region. Members get leading roles in our events, facilitated introductions, members-only workshops and more benefits.

“Grid Forward has a unique opportunity to bring the most important players in the ongoing grid modernization effort – technologists, policy-makers, operators and others – into a single environment with the express intent to drive safe, efficient and innovative solutions into full deployment. We look forward to helping define and collaborate in its activities and diverse membership as the organization steps into the next chapter.”

Matt Schnugg
Senior Director, Data & Analytics, ML/AI, GE Power Digital

Join today to help shape GridFWD 2019 and other programs.
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“Grid Forward is an excellent place to participate in the thriving energy innovation ecosystem of the region. Through our involvement Amazon Web Services has made numerous connections with thought leaders, some that were right in our own backyard. The resulting AWS-cloud-enabled pilots and projects will deliver real value to the electricity grid.”

Ralph Kappelhoff
Executive, Power & Utilities Solutions, Amazon Web Services

Join us for the panel discussion on Accelerating Grid Innovation

June 21, World Trade Center, Portland

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