Promoting and Accelerating Grid Modernization

We’re an industry association defining pathways for electric grid modernization via advanced technology, policy progress and business innovation.

We’re Uniting All Those Working For Grid Modernization

Grid Forward brings together diverse stakeholders to educate and collaborate with one another to identify, replicate and scale successful approaches to modernizing our regional grid. We provide information and community to help leaders create pathways for electric grid modernization via advanced technology, policy progress and business innovation.

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  1. New article: First Virtual Utility Roundtable Assesses Initial Load Shape Impacts from COVID-19
  2. Our Optimizing the Grid Summit, scheduled for June 17, has been canceled. We are postponing the Annual Member Meeting and 10-Year Celebration to later in 2020.
  3. GridFWD 2020 date announced: October 13-14 in Seattle, WA. The GridFWD 2020 prospectus is available.
  4. Navigant reports on the changing role of the utility customer in this original article, Embracing the Voice of the Customer.

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Your organization can play a fundamental role in Grid Forward’s mission to promote and accelerate grid modernization in our region. Your membership will serve you in several ways:

  • Engagement: plug into regular communications, quarterly roundtables, shared-initiative working groups and members-only forums
  • Connection: get facilitated introductions across our diverse member base including utilities, regulators, technology providers, implementers, advocates and more
  • Promotion: build awareness of your projects and employment opportunities in the newsletter and at our events
  • Influence: attend our annual planning meeting, join the board of directors or advisors and help drive key initiatives and shape events events and other perks
  • Leadership: demonstrate your industry thought leadership at key meetings and show influence in critical regional and national forums

“Grid Forward will help us work more closely with utilities and grid operators to modernize and digitize their operations. We look forward to helping define and collaborate in its activities and membership this year.”

Matt Schnugg

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