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Grid Forward Chats podcasts

In about half an hour, each Grid Forward Chats episode gives you candid insights, new observations and a feel for how a prominent industry leader thinks, feels and grapples with the fast evolving energy landscape. You can find Grid Forward Chats on on these top podcast app: Apple, Google, Spotify and Podbean. Or follow the link below to listen through your browser. Subscribe to Grid Forward Chats to be first to hear upcoming episodes.

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Episode 12 – Opportunities for Transmission to Unlock Deeper Renewables

Bryce chats with Lisa Grow, President and CEO of IDACORP, Inc. and Idaho Power, the largest electric provider in the state, about their commitment to a fully clean energy mix. In the path to a clean energy future they are looking to expand transmission capacity, optimize participation in regional markets, develop modern grid capabilities and more. Hear about what Lisa thinks around the role of Idaho Power, and utilities more broadly, in the future of the electric grid.

Episode 11 – How Do 2019 Plans Work in 2021, with Colorado PUC Chair Ackermann

In this lively discussion with Colorado PUC Chair Jeffrey Ackermann we explore how well-established plans from 2019 are relevant going into 2021. Colorado is deep into energy transition areas with, for example, Xcel Energy driving for a fully decarbonized energy mix, the expansion of electrified transportation, and a modern infrastructure that can accommodate both. This chat spans many current topics around distribution system planning, allocating risk and rewards, funding innovation, empowering customers, distributed-vs-large scale solutions, and much more. And find out which one of us is a dog person vs which is a cat person — both of our companions crash the conversation!

Episode 10 – Energy Market Innovation with AEMO CEO Audrey Zibelman

After spearing the REV proceedings in New York, Audrey Zibelman headed down under to lead the Australian Energy Market Operator which recently issued its Integrated Systems Plan for the national power market in Australia. We talk with Audrey across a wide diversity of topics: from trends in market structure and integration of deep levels of distributed assets, to how energy markets with deep renewables near zero marginal cost deal with familiar issues like minimum load and voltage regulation. If you have not heard Audrey before, buckle up for profuse insights that cut right into the most dynamic aspects of electric industry. Recorded at the Grid Forward virtual Annual Member Meeting August 20, 2020.

Prior Episodes

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Episode 8Expanding Renewables and Grid Modernization at PacifiCorp with Stefan Bird, President and CEO, Pacific Power

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Episode 6Bringing Innovation to Life With Customer Needs at the Core with Maria Pope, CEO, Portland General Electric

Episode 5Making People Part of the Energy Solution at Uplight with Justin Segall, Chief Strategy Officer, Uplight

Episode 4Seattle City Light Adjusts Plans and Prioritizes Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Debra Smith, CEO, Seattle City Light

Episode 3Putting Grid Modernization to the Test in Tacoma with Jackie Flowers, Director of Tacoma Public Utilities

Episode 2Regulatory and Business Model Toolkit in Dealing with COVID Impacts with Matthew McDonnell, Consulting Director at Strategen

Episode 1Modernizing Regulation in Hawaii for Renewables Through and Beyond the Pandemic with Hawaii PUC Commissioner Jennie Potter

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