Help Us Move the Grid Forward

We’re a regional, member-based non-profit organization that brings together utilities, solution providers, government agencies, regulators, advocates and others to work together on making grid modernization a reality.

A Range of Stakeholders Pursuing Grid Modernization

Grid Forward members represent all the key actors in the electrical grid:

  • Utility executives and practitioners working to optimize energy systems. Grid Forward helps utilities share new approaches and compare results to improve confidence in moving ahead with various modernization solutions.
  • Executive and technical leaders of solution providers developing new technologies and processes that modernize generation, transmission, distribution, and customer relationships through advanced sensoring, controls, analytics and much more. Grid Forward gives technology providers a platform to meet and collaborate with customers and the broader influencers shaping the market.
  • Regulators and government officers exploring bold ideas, opportunities and best practices that lead to more efficient, reliable, equitable and low-carbon power systems. Grid Forward provides a valued exchange of ideas and best practices, based on real-world results, to determine how models can evolve to meet increasing system needs.
  • NGOs, thought leaders and advocates building the knowledge base and relationships to promote progress on regional energy systems. Grid Forward puts non-profits, educators, labs, investors, and others in the room with leading practitioners and decision makers to work together to craft solutions that lead to optimal outcomes for all.

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Six Ways We Help You Move Forward

Your organization can play a fundamental role in Grid Forward’s mission to promote and accelerate grid modernization in our region. Your membership will serve your organization in several ways:

  1. Engagement: plug into regular communications, quarterly roundtables, shared-initiative working groups and members-only forums
  2. Connection: get facilitated introductions across our diverse member base including utilities, regulators, technology providers, implementers, advocates and more
  3. Promotion: build awareness of your projects and employment opportunities in the newsletter and at our events
  4. Influence: attend our annual planning meeting, join the board of directors or advisors and help drive key initiatives and shape events
  5. Discounts: get discounts for event sponsorship, special rates to partner events and other perks
  6. Leadership: demonstrate your industry thought leadership at key meetings and show influence in critical regional and national forums

Become a Grid Forward member organization today.