About Grid Forward

We’re a regional, member-based non-profit organization that brings together utilities, solution providers, government agencies, regulators, advocates and others to work together on making grid modernization a reality.

A Collaborative, Holistic Approach to Create a Modern Grid That Serves Everybody

Grid Forward brings together diverse stakeholders to educate one another and collaborate to identify, replicate and scale successful approaches to modernizing our regional grid. Our organization accelerates grid innovation by:

  • Encouraging investments into new technologies and models for advanced and optimal grid management techniques
  • Accelerating the move from demonstrations to larger scale deployment
  • Exploring regulatory and business model pathways to encourage best-in-class solutions for managing grid systems 
  • Supporting cultural change to help energy providers and their partners adapt and thrive in evolving energy ecosystems.
  • Promoting and accelerating grid innovation

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Born in the Smart Grid, Now Expanding Community and Resources for the Industry

Grid Forward is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting and accelerating innovation on the regional electric system. Founded in 2010 as Smart Grid Oregon and then renamed Smart Grid Northwest in 2014, the organization has more than 70 members representing regional utilities, advanced technology providers, major energy users, higher education, government agencies, non-profits and other grid development stakeholders. Grid Forward is committed to providing community and resources for leaders who are working to bring modernization into the electric system by way of advanced technology solutions, updated regulatory and business practices, pathways for funding and improved corporate culture.


Becoming Grid Forward and Accelerating Grid Innovation

Grid Forward Timeline