Grid Forward Members

Grid Forward unites a broad group of stakeholders spanning utilities, technology providers, governments, universities, advocates and more, each contributing their expertise to modernizing our regional electrical grid. If you would like to see your organization as part of this community, we welcome you to join Grid Forward.

Join the organizations moving the grid forward

Grid Forward members work together to bring their perspectives, skills and objectives to the common purpose of modernizing the electrical grid:

  • Utility executives and practitioners working to optimize energy systems.
  • Executive and technical leaders of solution providers developing new technologies and processes that modernize generation, transmission, distribution and customer relationships.
  • Regulators and government officers exploring bold ideas, opportunities and best practices that lead to more efficient, reliable, equitable and low-carbon power systems.
  • NGOs, thought leaders and advocates building the knowledge base and relationships to promote progress on regional energy systems.

If your organization is not a member yet, click here to start the process of joining Grid Forward.