Grid Forward Membership Levels

Welcoming utilities, industry, education, government and all grid stakeholders

Your organization plays a role in moving the grid forward. Join us!

Utility, Industry, and Service Provider

  • Utility members include any companies that generate, distribute and/or sell energy to end consumers.  These include co-op, municipal, and investor owned utilities.
  • Industry members include any companies that produce grid modernization technologies and services such as metering, sensors, communications, software, data analytics, systems integration, and other solutions. Industry membership also applies to companies that deploy related energy solutions to run more efficiency and effectively.
  • Service provider members offer support to the energy industry through various services including accounting, banking, legal, recruiting, consulting, research and other services.


Education, Government, Non-Profit and Individuals

  • Education members include universities and other educational institutions involved in the research, development and demonstration of grid modernization and related technologies and models.
  • Government members include local, state, regional, and national government agencies and organizations involved in and interested in the development of a modern energy system.
  • Non-profit members include 501c3 and 501c6 industry and advocacy organizations involved in and interested in grid modernization, energy, environment and related areas.
  • Individual membership is designed for professionals who are not-affiliated with another membership level, or may be the only staff person within an organization overseeing the company’s electric grid solution. In addition, this level is ideal for individual consultants, subject matter experts, or simply an interested citizens.

Our membership levels fit your organization’s scope

Utility Industry & Service provider  Dues
Under $100M Under $5M $750
$100M – $500M $5 – $50M $3,000
$500M – $1B $50M – $500M $7,500
Over $1B Over $500M $9,500
Government & Education Dues
Under $50M $750
Over $50M $3000  


Individual membership: $200

Non-Profit Dues
Under $5M $500
Over $5M $1,500