Advanced Grid Impacts & Benefits

The U.S. Congress is considering major legislation that may include funding for many types of grid modernization. Here are examples of the positive impacts of such investments.

Help Pass Federal Investment in the Grid

Grid Forward has gathered over 20 examples of the impacts and benefits of various advanced grid projects across the country. From comprehensive grid moderation deployments that have brought over $2 billion in community benefits to specific deployments that have lowered outages and increased community resiliency, these efforts show why it is so important to invest in grid modernization.

We strongly encourage the members of our community to reach out to elected officials and share these materials, and add your own experiences with grid modernization. 

Share This Briefing Document with Your Contacts on the Hill.

Join Grid Forward in sharing important information about the positive impact of grid investments on our industry, economy and communities. We will be delivering these talking points with offices that we have been close to including Senators Cantwell, Wyden, Murkowski, Manchin, Sinema and others. We would be happy to share contacts with you if you would like more.

Feel free to download this briefing document and send it along with your input to your U.S. Congressional and Senate offices. 

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