New Article from GridFWD 2022: Building Community Resilience

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Cadeo reports on “Creating an Equitable Clean Energy System”

Image source: US Department of Energy

In October 2022, Cadeo attended Grid Forward’s annual GridFWD 2022 conference for grid-focused energy professionals in Denver, Colorado. The conference’s theme, Ensuring a Resilient 21st Century Energy System, reflected our industry’s focus on grid modernization in the face of climate change. Cadeo has summarized several examples of community-based resilience tactics presented at GridFWD, following up with some presenters to add richness to the article. Written by Lima Hossain and Doug Bruchs of the Research & Evaluation team at Cadeo, these examples offer you a glimpse into the opportunity community-based resilience efforts that simultaneously fortify the grid and provide clear benefits to those living in at-risk communities.

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