Forward Focus Utility Roundtables

By-invitation small groups share data and insights on solutions for pressing regional challenges. Currently virtual.

Small groups. Real discussions. Continued progress.

Forward Focus virtual roundtables offer Grid Forward members an opportunity to leverage our community of industry leaders and expert practitioners to navigate today’s uncharted market dynamics. Become a member today and get involved.

Next Roundtable: Thursday January 19. 2022

Intimate workshops where the real sharing gets done

These (currently virtual) meetings among Grid Forward members and expert advisors are designed to go deep into the most pressing current issues in our industry and our region. Grid Forward helps to curate member-selected topics and invite a select group to provide information and guide the discussion. Forward Focus Virtual Roundtables occur approximately once a month.

To provide a safe environment for exploring ideas, no specific comments are shared outside of the discussion without permission. Presenters may agree to distribute presentation materials, which Grid Forward shares with its members. We publish a short recap of the Forward Focus events in our blog.

Next roundtable:

  • Thursday, January 20,2022, 1pm PT:  Resiliency Lessons from 2021
  • February 17, 2022, 1pm PT : Team Structuring for Grid Modernization

If you are a Grid Forward member and may be interested in leading or participating in a Forward Focus (virtual) utility roundtable, please contact Gerard O’Sullivan.

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