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Microsoft operates 32 million square feet of facilities across 560 global sites. The Redmond campus alone includes 125 buildings housing approximately 40,000 employees. Energy management at that scale can be intimidating, but not for Darrell Smith and his team.

Microsoft is dramatically reducing energy consumption worldwide and saving millions of dollars in the process. The secret is the intersection of IT and energy. The company’s energy-smart buildings blend the Internet of Things, software and cloud-based data to find operational faults in its buildings. The result empowers building and energy personnel to make smart, real-time decisions.

What can you learn from Microsoft’s lead? Plenty! Join us on October 14 to hear Darrell Smith outline how Microsoft’s energy-smart approach can be replicated by businesses, governments, universities and other building owners to reduce energy usage and save money.


October 14, 2015
7:30 am - 9:00 am



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