Regional Collaboration

Join small-group discussions to prepare for possible Federal action to invest in grid infrastructure in the West.

Planning Together to Optimize Federal Grid Investments

Grid Forward is hosting regional stakeholders to collaborate in pre-planning for the possibility of significant resources coming from Federal action to invest in grid infrastructure. If you are interested in dialogues with regional colleagues on how to organize around any of the following topics please let us know by completing the short form below by Friday, March 19.

If you have other questions about the potential for significant grid modernization legislation (including a package infrastructure bill) contact Bryce Yonker, Grid Forward executive director.

Register to Join Our Regional Coordination

We will be organizing interested parties in small groups for discussions, so please indicate your interest below. Please note that participation in these conversations does not imply inclusion on any proposal submissions and Grid Forward is not committing to support any applications. We just believe that deeper regional coordinating and discussion will help prepare interested parties and increase likelihood of successful submissions. 

If you’re ready to collaborate, please complete this form by Friday March 19.