GridFWD 2023

Join the Grid Forward community for our big annual event on October 16-18 at the Skamania Lodge, Columbia Gorge.

At GridFWD 2023, we will come together to share new and expanding opportunities to define, fund and drive grid modernization, where the focus will be advancing the electric grid by Embracing Disruption.

Call for topic submissions closes May 5 (below).

Registration will open soon.


Accelerating Grid Modernization and Resiliency in an Age of Disruptions

Recent years have been especially challenging for the industry responsible for our electric grid. Destructive storms, weather events and climate effects continue to devastate many communities. The scale, pace and impact of change has driven federal and state governments to introduce once-in-a-generation investments in a reliable and affordable power supply for safety, equity and progress. GridFWD 2023 will bring leaders together who are navigating all of these disruptions to “business as usual” to take advantage of new opportunities to modernize the grid.

GridFWD 2023
Skamania Lodge, Columbia River Gorge
October 16-18

Download the GridFWD 2023 prospectus >

Registration will commence soon.

The call for topic submissions closes May 5 (below).

Stakeholders from across the region gather at GridFWD 

At GridFWD 2023, we will come together to share new and expanding opportunities to define, fund and drive grid modernization.

We invite all stakeholders to join us next fall:

  • Utility executives and practitioners—learn and share best practices for building resilient, flexible and sustainable energy systems.
  • Executive and technical leaders of solution providers—reconnect face-to-face with your customers and partners to collaborate on energy solutions.
  • Regulators and government officers—tap into technical innovation and best practices from the front lines of what’s possible.
  • NGOs and advocates—build the knowledge base and relationships to influence new programs that promote clean energy, equity and economic activity on regional energy systems.

Call for Topic Submissions Now Open for GridFWD 2023

We welcome your ideas for sessions, huddles and speakers for GridFWD 2023. Please complete the form below. Submissions are due by Friday May 5.

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