Virtual Lunch Discussions

A little socializing, distantly! Get together with a small group of Grid Forward members online to share ideas around a topic over the lunchtime.

Small Group Discussions Help to Keep Our Community Together

In these small events, Grid Forward members gather online for an interactive, themed discussion over lunch. Each open conversation is led by an expert on the chosen topic. The sessions start at 12:00 noon Pacific time and lasts 45 minutes — enough time to meet or reconnect with a few people.

Members who want to be sure to get an invitation should contact Stephan.

Food for Thought and Fuel for Connections, While You Take a Break

During this time of remote work, we hope our Virtual Lunch Discussion allows you to make a good use of your lunchtime by interacting with others in our community. Consider it the online version of the lunch table at one of our face-to-face events, except this time you have to bring the food. We’ll bring the people.

We invite all Grid Forward members by email to register for one of the 10 seats available for each virtual lunch. To protect the security of the video calls we send login details only to confirmed attendees. Participation by video is encouraged. Dogs, cats, kids and other household companions are welcome to make an appearance too.

Our next Virtual Lunch Discussions are planned for late August, 2020.

Past Virtual Lunch Discussions

Wednesday July 1: Trends and Best Practices for Distributed Storage Integration with Hanna Grene, Head of Commercial Development at PXiSE. Hanna will open up the discussion with an overview of market trends and utility needs the PXiSE team is seeing around the globe, from anticipating EV loads to integrating customer and utility assets to end-of-feeder communities.

Tuesday June 30: Adjusting Grid Modernization Roadmaps and Project Priorities with Elaine Markham, Director Grid Modernization at Puget Sound Energy, who heads up grid mod planning work for the utility and is as active advisor at Grid Forward.

Monday June 29: Prioritizing Diversity to Maximize Operational Effectiveness with Devin Hampton, CEO of UtilityAPI. Beyond being founder of an awesome energy data company he’s passionate about how the energy sector makes a positive difference on racial issues.

Thurs May 28 – Fleet Electrification & the Grid During and After COVID with Sila Kiliccote, CEO of EIQ and former national lab researcher extraordinaire.

Weds May 27 – Analytics in a Time of Crisis and Recovery with Ankush Agarwal, Director Grid Analytics at Exelon and all around grid wizard.

Tues May 26 – Deploying Customer Solutions Six Feet Apart with Josh Keeling, Product Manager at LO3 and former Portland General demand side guru.