Advanced Grid Project Input Form

Help us collect data to educate and influence federal policy action.

Share Advanced Grid Project Impact With Congress

As you know, we have engaged federal policy makers to ensure legislation has critical funds for advanced grid capabilities. Congress looks to be entering the final stretch in getting these packages across the finish line for approval. It would help our champions and key leadership offices to have better information about the impact that grid modernization investments can have in communities. Thats where you can come in with some useful information.
By the end of this week (October 8) please submit to us information about the impact from your advanced grid projects. It would be best to have the information covering as many of your advanced grid efforts as possible, but singular projects are good to include as well.
We will aggregate the submitted information to share with congressional offices. If your examples seem good for standing out individually, we will check and confirm with you to get approval for such use. 
Thank you for your information and assistance as we look to advance federal action.